Friday, July 10, 2009

UFC 100 Predictions

Here are my predictions for UFC 100

Jon Fitch Vs. Paulo Thiago: I am going to say Fitch by TKO (strikes) in round 2.

Yoshihiro Akiyama Vs. Alan Belcher: I know little to nothing about either fighter. It is completely a tossup, but in cases such as this I have trouble betting against the Japanese. I will say Akiyama by submission. Not sure when.

Michael Bisping Vs. Dan Henderson: I hope for Henderson to TKO Bisping and shut his mouth from the incessant bragging he is wont to do.

Georges St Pierre Vs. Thiago Alves: I am going out on a huge limb here and picking the upset. I pick Thiago Alves to knock St Pierre out in the fourth round.

Brock Lesnar Vs. Frank Mir: There is a big difference in this fight between what I want to see happen and what I predict will take place. I would LOVE to see Frank Mir throw submission after submission at Lesnar until the big guy makes a mistake and gets caught and tapped again. I think, unfortunately, Mir is likely to get pounded down by the pure overwhelming power that is Brock. The really frightening part about Lesnar is, with his size, power, speed, and natural gifts, if he can pick up some jiu-jitsu and become a skilled groundfighter, he might be very difficult to unseat. Lesnar by TKO (ground and pound) in the 3rd round.

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