Saturday, August 8, 2009

UFC 101 Live Coverage

2130- We are watching the pregame for UFC101. BJ Penn has gotten Marv Marinovich as his strength/conditioning coach. No change in my predictions. War Florian!

2135- Forrest Griffin has an incredible attitude going into this fight with Anderson Silva. His attitude is, "Someone is eventually going to beat Anderson. It might as well be me!"

2200-Showtime! The show is on.

Looks like the first fight is going to be Kurt Pellegrino vs. Josh Neer. The first round was a good exchange of grappling. Good stuff. Round two was also pretty good. It ended with Pellegrino taking Neer's back and attempting a rear naked choke.The fight is over. Looks like Pellegrino won. Yes. Pellegrino by unanimous decision. So far I am 0-1 in predictions

Fight #2 Ricardo Almeida by unanimous decision over Kendall Grove. 1-1 in predictions.

Fight #3- Johny Hendricks TKO over Amir Sadollah at 0:29 into the first round. Possible early stoppage, but it is what it is. 1-2 in predictions.

Fight #4- Aaron Riley vs. Shane Nelson- Fillin fight from the undercard due to Sadollah fight going short. Not familiar with either guy. Took Nelson in a fun bet with Julia. So far Riley seems to be winning after round 1.And this one has gone the distance. Aaron Riley wins by unanimous decision.

Fight #5- Forrest Griffin v. Anderson Silva. Silva knocked out Griffin at 3:23 of the first round. I am now 1-3 in predictions.

Fight #6- Kenny Florian vs. BJ Penn for the Lightweight Title. Fan poll says 70% of fans think Penn retains. I still disagree. We're about to see. BJ seems to have won the first round. Second round is hard to call a winner in. Round three likely goes to BJ. Round four, BJ Penn choked out Kenny Florian with a rear naked choke. I went 1-4 for the night. Oh well.

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