Saturday, March 14, 2009

This week

This week I trained fairly extensively. I had BJJ Tuesday night, Friday night, and today at noon. I normally don't go on Saturdays but Julia was scrapbooking. I had been working on a paper for school and needed a break and to blow off some steam so I went and rolled for an hour.
Tuesday was Gi night. We did some technique work and then rolled. I rolled with Tim a good bit and was actually able to submit him for the first time. It was a lucky break on my part. He had taken my back, had his hooks in but had crossed his feet. I was able to bring my right leg over and ankle-lock him. He made a silly mistake that I was able to recognize and capitalize upon. But I guess that is what BJJ is all about. Otherwise, again I was able to hold my own with him. Again I was able to get out of the Peruvian Necktie attempts, avoided a triangle choke and a gi choke attempt. He is good at sneaking the armbar in on me, however. He told me that my timing is getting a whole lot better, which is another huge aspect of the art.

Friday night (last night) was no-gi. Frank and Paul and I were there. Paul and I rolled against each other first and I was able to get to his back and sink in a rear naked choke for the tap. We spent the rest of last night taking turns rolling with Frank who basically dominated both of us.

Today was the same three folks. I rolled some with Frank and got dominated again. Lately I have a fascination of sorts with leglocks and I keep grabbing Frank's legs and thinking about trying to anklelock him, which has yet to be successful. Rolled twice with Paul and split the two rolls. He got me with an Americana (tapped more due to a jammed thumb getting torqued than the actual Americana) and I got him with a collar choke. Good stuff.

Frank called me a little while ago and things look very good toward Ronin moving into its own space by the middle of April. More details as we learn them.

Roll on.

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