Wednesday, January 21, 2009

First clas/rolls, Post-"Plague"

Went to class last night for the first time since the creeping crud descended upon me last week. It was a good class and very well-attended. We reviewed the short arm bar, the triangle choke (which I struggle with a bit due to having short legs), and transitioning from triangle to arm bar if your opponent defends the triangle.

We then rolled. I rolled with Alan, Tony, and Keith. Alan is basically a Mexican stand-off, which gets a bit boring. Tony is bigger and heavier, so ultimately he usually gets me based upon power. I rolled with Keith and got mount on him. I went for an Americana on him and he defended it. I decided to try something subtle and continued to focus on the Americana as a distraction while trying to also trap the near arm. Once I had the near arm trapped, I begin to slowly position my feet, got them where I wanted them and then quickly moved to an armbar and got the tap.

That was the first time I have really attempted to be deceptive while rolling and managing to pull it off felt pretty good.

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