Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Last Night and Taking The Challenge

Last night had a very good training session. It was Gi Night, which is always a challenge. The weight of the gi and the additional sweat equity it drains from your body makes it a night that sometimes seems like it will never end. I had some very good experiences however, which I will get to shortly. Last night, Frank reviewed the traditional armbar from the mount (see video below)

and the single underhook guard pass (see video below)

After the technique reviews, we drilled a bit, running the "gauntlet". Two guys in the middle, pulling guard. Other folks rotating in trying to pass or submit. The guy in guard is trying to sweep or submit. I ended up rolling a bit with Tim, a newly minted blue belt. I ended up getting into a bad position, in the guard with one arm in and one arm out. He tried to throw a triangle choke but I was able to posture up and keep him from finishing the choke. He then tried to transition to an armbar, but ultimately I was able to escape from that predicament. He ended up getting me shortly thereafter with another armbar, but I prefer to dwell on little victories.

Then, I rolled with Tony, one of the newer folks at the gym. Tony is 200lbs plus, so he has quite a bit of weight on me, not to mention a strength advantage. We got into a bit of a scramble for position and I ended up in the mount on him. I grabbed his gi collar and got a collar choke. I didn't have a very deep grip on the collar, so the choke wasn't that tight, but it was enough to get him to tap. So, for the first time I was able to submit someone a good bit larger than I am. Tony is a good guy and someone who I think I am going to enjoy rolling with.

Today, this morning, I was looking in the message forums on Lockflow, and noticed that someone had posted a message about the 100 Pushup Program and 200 Situp Program. The idea is that you see how many consecutive pushups and how many consecutive situps you can do. Based upon this, you start the program detailed on the website, which takes 30 minutes per week. You go for up to 6 weeks, depending upon how many you could do to start with. Then, at the end of the program, theoretically you should be able to do 100 consecutive pushups and 200 consecutive situps. I am a bit sore from rolling last night, so I am not going to take the tests until this weekend, and will plan to start the programs next week. I will let you know how I do when I take the tests. In the meantime, check out the site:

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