Saturday, January 3, 2009

Last night

Went to class (no-gi) last night and we had a few new people in the class so Frank went over a few basic moves:
the bridge and roll escape from mount (see the video below)

and the Americana shoulderlock from mount (see the video below)

Although I had done these moves before a few times, it is always good to review them. The 2 new guys both outweigh me by a considerable margin so I really couldn't do much against them. Two of my foci this year are going to be strength training and also fexibility. Julia and I are going to start going to yoga classes and I am hoping that will help with flexibility.

I rolled with Frank for a bit last night while the 2 new guys drilled the moves they learned. He caught me with an armbar but I was able to partially fight out of it (I got his leg off my head and was trying to escape). He was able to readjust and torque the arm to ultimately get me to tap, but it felt good to at least make him work a little for it. The subtle differences that the position of an arm or leg can make are one of the things i LOVE about this art. Good stuff.

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